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About Lindsey

My name is Lindsey Short, owner and founder of Namaste Beaches, and I want to bring yoga into your life. I am originally from New Mexico but am so happy to call Colorado home now.

I am a certified athletic trainer, with experience in rehabilitation, conditioning, and strength training. I have a Master's in Athletic Training, and my life revolves around making people's lives healthier. I use yoga everyday as a part of my everyday treatment. As an athlete who still competes, I practice yoga for all my fitness and training needs. From rehabilitating basic injuries, to increased mobility in weightlifting, my yoga practice plays a huge roll in my own health and fitness. 

I spent many years in pain. I attempted to overcome previous injuries and fatigue from playing competitive sports. I didn't know that something was missing. I lifted weights, I ran and jogged, and stretched, my diet was good, yet still my body didn't feel the way I wanted it to feel. Chronic aches and pains affected most of my daily activities After combining my medical knowledge of the human body and aspects of my strength and conditioning regime, with the capabilities of yoga, I found relief from years of chronic pain and a purpose to continue competing in the future.

I hope with my experience in the medical field, my knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, in strength and conditioning, I can help you find your niche with yoga as part of your life to help you perform at the highest caliber you can!

Hope to see you soon,


Hellooooo,  I am Adrienne Wix! I am a Meeker original and I am constantly excited at the opportunity to share my yoga practice with the community I love.  I have been practicing yoga for around eight years, and have been an instructor for seven.  I offer both private and class sessions where I hope to encourage my students to find balance between the ease and effort of their yoga practice.  Please feel free to reach out to me or Lindsey with any questions.

Wishing you happy days & safe roads,



About Adrienne

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