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Why yoga???

Most of my life I scoffed, ‚ "why would you do yoga??? I'm an athlete." The perception was that yoga was easy, and purely worked on stretching. I was a competitive soccer play for 20 years, I lifted weights, I ran, why would I do yoga!?

Flash forward 6 years after I hung up my cleats, and I took my first yoga class... I swear I almost died. I did an intense power yoga/vinyasa flow, and I was sold.

It turns out, in it's different settings, yoga is EXACTLY what every athlete needs.

Yoga incorporates more than just strengthening, it incorporates core, it incorporates eccentric strength, it incorporates stability and body awareness. It can be used as a set up for weight lifting, or the missing piece of the puzzle for someone suffering from an imbalance that they haven't been able to fix. It can fix the nagging pain that has plagued your workout routine if used correctly.

Join us here on the Beach to learn the different ways yoga can be incorporated into your routine! We offer in person classes, we offer online video tutorials, and private sessions. Let us help you bring your game to the next level! Welcome, and Namaste Beaches.

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