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Mobility and Move!

Let's talk mobility for a few. What is mobility first and for most, and how does it pertain to yoga??

Mobility is defined as ‚ "the ability to move or be moved freely and easily" which in the case of the body means the bodies ability to move freely and easily. How does this pertain to yoga? Yoga creates a movement pattern that allows the body to gain mobility. But most importantly, it allows the body to do this while encouraging strength, especially when applied in a power or vinyasa flow. It takes time, and work, but with yoga and specialized flows, you can gain mobility and strength. This is important in so many realms. In just being a functioning human, you need mobility, but if you apply it to sport, athletics, competition... well you want to be a well oiled machine right? Proper mobility and movement patterns create this, and yoga can be that movement plan for you.

Check out our live classes, or private sessions, or our YouTube channel to see how yoga can transform your performance!!!

And remember, Namaste Beaches!

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