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Core stability

What is core? And core stability, and how does It play into your training program? Core stability is your muscles surrounding your spine, and their ability to keep your spine protected during activity.

Your core is much more than just your abs, it’s an entire cylindrical group of muscles, from your abdominal muscles, to your deep spinal muscles to your glutes and hip flexors. These all play a role in your core stability, and they’re all used for both static and dynamic stability.

Training this incredibly important group of muscles is essential to being able to perform at your highest level. And training it in both dynamic and static planes is important for spine health.

It can keep you mobile as you age, keeping you out of the nursing home. It can also increase your power in weight lifting. It can increase your balance and stability in sport.

Properly training your core is essential, and here at The Namaste Beaches we aim to increase your core stability. Whether you’re in the weight room, training for sport, or just looking to have more independence, we can help you achieve your goals.

Join us online, in person classes or book a private session to get the most out of our philosophy!

We do in person or online private sessions! Check it out!

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Namaste Beaches!!!

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